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Reviews for Wolter Chiropractic & Wellness

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Wolter Chiropractic & Wellness patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call our office at (502) 493-2400 or email us.

Yours in Health,,
Dr. Todd Wolter & Dr. Sonya Wolter
Louisville Chiropractors

My Experience Has Exceeded Any Expectations

The office and staff go above and beyond to make your experience top notch. I had never been to a chiropractor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My experience has exceeded any expectations I had in my head and my body is so grateful I finally reached out.

˜ Kim J.

I Was Listened To

The fact that I was listened to was fabulous. I have been talking about my back with my doctor for a long time. I suggested a chiropractor and she said that would be ok. Wolter Chiropractic x-rayed my back (first time ever) and could see the problems immediately. I am very confident that my 90-day program will be a success!

˜ Anne L.

Friendly Staff and Doctors

With it being my first time visiting a chiropractor, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The doctors and staff made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. They took time to explain things in a way that was easy to comprehend. I have now been there 4 times and each time I feel welcomed by a friendly staff and doctors from the second I walk in the door. The facility is very nice and they have coffee (the good kind), tea and filtered water for patients. I loved that they took the time to decorate for Derby and their presence on social media is informative and fun. I have had 3 adjustments so far and feel a world of difference already. Even after my first adjustment, I felt immediate relief. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with them.

˜ Jenna G.

A Great Experience

Truly a great experience during my first visit. All staff, including the front desk, were incredibly warm and friendly, and best of all it felt authentic. Really grateful to be a patient here and looking forward to the next several months of treatments and progress.

˜ Sarah M.

Totally Satisfied

I’m so impressed with everyone and everything in this facility. Friendly, helpful staff, nice upbeat atmosphere, and I’m excited to say after only a few visits I am beginning to feel relief! Totally satisfied with my decision to give Wolter Chiropractic and wellness a try.

˜ Debbie E.

They Took the Time to Listen

I was very pleased with how quickly and efficiently I was initially assessed and how individually driven the whole practice is. I’m actually excited to get to feeling better based off my personal needs. No fluff. Just a treatment plan made for me because they took the time to listen and actually assess me. This is science based medical practice.

˜ Amber C.

Felt Welcomed and Important

Doc Wolter was not only a delight to meet, he has changed the course of my life by correcting an extremely painful and debilitating injury. I am a believer and a fan. I highly recommend this team of health care professionals. The staff have helped me to feel welcome and important. Check them out! It is a good venture!

˜ Sandra M.

Listens and Cares

Dr. Wolter, I haven’t met any healthcare professionals like you before. You listen, you care, and you teach how to heal the body. That is something I have never seen before! I have been health challenged for 20+ years and it’s been a very long road, but my journey has finally found hope and focus with your practice! I look forward to learning new strategies for better health. Thanks again

˜ Tanya L.

I No Longer Have Chronic Neck and Back Pain

I had developed a large knot on the back of my neck, and I was having back & neck pain. Dr. Sonya was at Fleet Feet the day after I discovered it and she invited me to come in for an evaluation. I no longer have chronic neck and back pain. I was also having issues with my hips being out of alignment causing pain and I rarely have these issues. It has helped my digestion also. Having consistent adjustments has helped me sleep better, have better digestion and keeps me mostly free of neck and back pain. I feel everyone should have adjustments for better overall health. Wolter Chiropractic goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and teaches and promotes overall care – not just chiropractic care.

Highly Recommended!

My husband has been seeing Dr. Wolter for many years for shoulder pain and always spoke so highly of him. I started having back pain about 10 months ago and also went to see him. The staff has been great and thanks to Dr. Wolter I am on the road to recovery! Dr. Wolter’s practice gets a 5 star and we highly recommend him!

˜ Diane C.

The Doctors Are Absolutely Amazing

I began coming into Wolter Chiropractic when I was pitching, I would lose feeling in the fingertips of my left hand. It turned out that lack of feeling was due to the curvature of my neck was actually beginning to curve the opposite way it is supposed to be. The Doctors are absolutely amazing, they allowed me to get back onto the field and soon enough, begin playing baseball again. It also allowed me to continue other daily activities with, yes you better believe it, full feeling in my hand.

There is not a single negative I can find within Wolter Chiropractic, they are always striving to better their patients in any possible way. All the staff genuinely takes an interest in you as a person and not just another patient. I have recommended countless people to come in, but they have the opportunity to meet some genuine, amazing people all the while bettering their health. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff and the work that they do on a daily basis.

˜ Jonathon N.

Great Personalized Care

I started coming to the chiropractic because I pinched a nerve in his neck. Since starting his chiropractic care plan my life has been changed by my neck and back always feeling great and the daily exercises have improved I flexibly as well! Here’s what I think others should know about Wolter Chiropractic and Chiropractic in general–If you have any back or neck pain, especially pinched nerves, I highly recommend Wolter Chiropractic. Great staff and attentiveness, personalized care!

˜ Dan K.

Very Caring And Informative

Excited to get started. The staff was very friendly and the doctor was very caring and informative.

˜ Dottie R.


Amazing to finally be listened to attentively and to have each step explained and why they’re being taken. This was my first ever visit to a chiropractor and I don’t think I could have been more nervous. Emotionally, I was a complete different person walking out of the facility than I was when I first walked in.

˜ Jennifer J.


Availability was excellent – I got in within a couple of days. Reminders about appointment was helpful. Directions were excellent. Front desk person was friendly and helpful. I was seen on time and it took exactly the amount of time I was told. My follow up visit was two days later which is excellent!

˜ Julie M.

Phyllis S.

Phyllis S.

Neck Pain and Headaches

In addition to being seen on time and receiving a friendly greeting from the staff, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the office was clean, spacious and uncluttered. I appreciated the time Dr. Wolter took to show me my x-rays and explain why I was having neck pain and headaches. I feel comfortable with the wellness plan we created around my schedule and look forward to correcting my problem so I can be free of neck pain and headaches.

˜ Phyllis S.



Pain in My Neck and Mid/Lower Back and Headaches

Hello, my name is Tricia. What brought me to Wolter Chiropractic & Wellness was pain in my neck and mid/lower back and headaches.

I’ve experienced that Wolter Chiropractic & Wellness are there to help! The staffs have that positive happy attitude and the doctors are full of knowledge.

Everyone should see Dr. Todd and Dr. Sonya. The staff is incredibly kind and sweet and helpful!

Thank you for everything you are doing for my Moma and me.

˜Tricia R.



Neck Pain

I went to Wolter Chiropractic & Wellness because I have neck pain which limited my ability to workout and have the active lifestyle I was used to.

It’s a simple straight-forward approach to wellness. Just show up when scheduled and start feeling better!

Chiropractic really works! I am now in ZERO PAIN, have better flexibility, and ability to participate in all the activities I love.

˜Marc O.



My back hurt all the time!

I learned about Wolter Chiropractic when I attended a Health Fair at work. They scanned my back and said I must be in pain. My back hurt all the time, however I thought it was just part of life.

I choose chiropractic wellness care because I want to be healthy and to feel good.

Since then, I make chiropractic a part of my healthy lifestyle because I feel strongly that the nervous system should be healthy for overall health. Regular adjustments are important to keep the nervous system healthy.

˜Tina P.



Neck Pain

I have neck pain initially, and I heard wonderful things about Wolter Chiropractic.

Since I have started visiting Wolter Chiropractic & Wellness, I have learned so much about my body- how it works, how to take care of my body better. At my age, I really thought I knew it all- I now know I have so much to learn.

Their practice is special – they really care about how you feel and continue to educate you.

˜Sharon M.

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