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Wolter Website Header We believes that every individual should lead a life of wellness.  Unfortunately, we find that most people do not fully understand what true wellness is, or the steps to make living an empowered life a reality.  Our goal is to lend our expertise to teach life-changing wellness principles throughout the community.  We are Certified Wellness Experts and have partnered with over 400 companies to educate on topics such as ergonomics, family wellness, health enhancement for children, stress management, and nutrition.  All workshops and programs can be customized based on time available and the interests of your group.

Our classes include…

Grip on StressGet a Grip on Stress: New and Improved! While it’s true that stress is a result of change, one common misconception is that stress is always a result of a negative shift in our environment. Not only can stress result from positive occurrences in our lives, but both positive and negative stress affect our overall health in a variety of ways. Stress is all around us. Learn tips to managing stress and minimize its negative effects on the body.


Desk ErgonomicsDesk Ergonomics 101: Sitting is the New Smoking.  The computer age has found us spending more time at our keyboards. Prolonged postures and repetitive movements lead to a variety of symptoms such as eyestrain,  headaches, shoulder pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back pain, and sciatica, just to name a few. There is no need to work in pain!


Vitamins5 Basic Vitamins: There is so much confusion on what we should take and when. Does quality matter? What can I do to boost my energy and immune system? Get the latest research on supplementation!


SleepSleep Well: A growing number of Americans are suffering from sleep disorders. Lack of sleep impacts their productivity at work, family life, stress level. Learn the impacts of lack of sleep and natural solutions to combat insomnia without harmful and costly drugs.


Power NutritionPower Nutrition: Low carb, low fat. The information on what constitutes a proper diet is vast and conflicting. When it comes to nutrition one thing is true—variety is the spice of life. Separate the facts from the fads and learn the truth about the foods we eat. Learn about the impact proper nutrition can have on our performance, productivity and overall health and wellness.


Health FairHealth Fair Screenings: Don’t forget us when planning for your next employee health fair. We offer a variety of fun and interactive screening options, perfect for any event! From master nerve system scans using the latest state-of-the-art technology, to posture screenings to let individuals view their health from the outside looking in, we can help your team understand the keys to health and performance!


Corporate MassageCorporate Massage: A great way to enhance productivity, relaxation and show employee appreciation! Most companies opt for 10 min chair massage but we can customize the time to fit your group. *Charges may apply.


Women's HealthWomen’s Health: This informative presentation covers everything from work/life balance, life fulfillment, stress and how to combat the top 3 killers of women today.




Workshop on Wellness (WOW): Do you ever wonder if you are truly realizing your full life potential? This seven-element workshop focuses on the importance of a balanced approach to life. Attendees learn about the seven key-life areas and how to balance each area for true happiness, health and wellness. This session can be delivered as a 2-hour workshop or divided into 30-minute sessions for each key-life area. A truly inspiring health and wellness series!

If you have questions or are interested in scheduling a program, please contact us at 502-493-2400 to learn more.


Introducing Dr. Sonya Wolter…

louisville-chiropractor-sonya-wolterDr. Sonya Wolter is a professional speaker, wellness expert and Doctor of Chiropractic. She is an Iowa native and completed her doctorate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001. She brings a richly diverse background of more than 18 years of practical experience. Dr. Sonya is passionate about bringing health to the community one person at a time and is determined to show, teach, and inspire all to maximize their health potential by maintaining a healthy nervous system and eating, moving, and thinking well. She has spoken to over a 100 organizations in Louisville, including Norton Hospital’s Integrative Health Symposium where she presented to over 200 MDs and other healthcare professionals receiving Continuing Education. She is the preferred wellness provider for Louisville Metro Government, and several businesses throughout Louisville.

Dr. Sonya spends her free time with her husband and 2 teen children. She regularly participates in Crossfit, Bikram yoga,community organizations and is the membership chair for the Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville.


What some of our past Health Partners have to say…